How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor – Guide for Users

Imagine the situation: you are making changes in your room, painting walls for instance, and incidentally some latex paint is spilled on your vinyl flooring, and you want to know how to get paint off vinyl flooring.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

It is not hard to keep the vinyl floors safe and sound in general, but dried paint or paint spatters may not only upset you, but also really injure flooring.

Nonetheless, do not sweat it, as there are quite a lot of schemes to remove paint. Check the run-through of some techniques below to puzzle out how to get paint off vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a practical option for any apartment. A piece of cake to install and simple to cleanse, it’s particularly noteworthy for kitchens and bathrooms. Impermeability and permanence are qualities that differentiate them as a better option over hardwood floors and laminate flooring. But its luxurious look makes people worry about remaining pure.

Spilled Paint

There are two things you should take into account: if the paint is dry or not and what sort of paint it is. Paint based on oil is quite tougher to get rid of unlike water-based one. To remove undesirable stains you may need nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, mineral spirits, a magic eraser, or several other tools.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

To begin with, you should know how to behave if the paint has been just spitted on vinyl floors.

The First Step if There is Spilled Paint

  • Foremost, it’s essential to sponge up a great deal of paint. Dab extra paint with dry paper towels, clean cloths, or anything absorbing so you don’t ought to scrub dry paint from vinyl flooring.
  • Ending dabbing paint, turn to a damp cloth and wipe paint from the edge to the center – this way you do not expand paint to no soiled areas of the floor.
  • When most of the paint is soaked, take some wet paper towels and wipe the floor along with the floor relief in order to clean paint from hard-to-reach places on the floor.

Dried Paint

In case missing the paint drop, it gets dry in about 5-10 min. Notwithstanding the type of paint; you should use something sharp to scrub it. Take it slow; gently because performing so, you’re far less likely to vandalize the vinyl.

In this case, move right to the next steps.                   

Nine Ways How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor

1. Some Water with a Few Drops of Dish Soap

If you used water-based paint, it won’t be difficult to cope with it by using water on its own as this kind of paint is water-soluble, but there is a way to make it more efficient. All you have to do is mix some warm water with a bit of dish soap, mild cleanser, or mild soap, stir it all up, wet clean cloths with the mixture, wring out surplus humidity, and remove wet paint off your vinyl flooring.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

Keep swabbing till wet paint is removed. Whenever you do it, swill your floor.

Keep in mind that this one choice won’t work with oil based paint spills or already dried ones.

2. Nail Polish Remover

A number of women may be in lack rubbing alcohol or liquid wax but there is no way they don’t own acetone nail polish remover at the ready.  Its ubiquity makes it quite appropriate to remove paint from vinyl flooring.

The handiwork should contain acetone otherwise it may be tricky to get paint off the vinyl.

Guarantee testing this choice prior to addressing the spot: put a little amount of paint on your vinyl floor in an unnoticeable area of your apartment in order to know how exactly it affects your flooring.

If everything is fine, put a portion of liquid upon a clean rag and remove the paint delicately scrubbing it.

3. Baking Soda

Not all may have nail polish remover at home but everyone owns a certain amount of baking soda. In case you have to do with inflexible paint or old paint that just won’t go, follow this way: firstly, scrub as much paint as manageable with a plastic scraper or plastic spatula.

Secondly, append a small-scale portion of water to some soda so there is a puree. The backing soda itself is rather abrasive which is why it is sometimes used as steel wool. Smear a fair amount past on a soft cloth and kindly stroke the paint zone.

At long last employ a clean rag to wipe up all residues and your vinyl floors.

4. White vinegar

Another must-have home appliance is white vinegar. Vinegar is an acid, although in spite of such liquids as rubbing alcohol it won’t damage your vinyl flooring.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

This alternative is acceptable to deal with dried paint stains. You’ll need a razor blade or plastic scraper to remove dried paint. After this, dependent upon the amount of paint spilled; mix up the approximately same amount of vinegar and water. At that time, operate some soft cloth and mixture to remove paint from vinyl.

In case there is paint remaining on vinyl flooring, you may add some dish soap to warm water to remove the paint.

5. Magic Eraser

Yes, the one with “Mr.Clean” on the cover. This sort of sponge may be used not only for kitchen surfaces. If there is a paint blemish on your laminate flooring, just wet the magic eraser, gently scrub the paint, and use a damp cloth to wipe the residue up.

6. Mineral Spirits

In case you are in lack of magic eraser or superfine steel wool was ineffective to clean paint off vinyl flooring you are better to turn to mineral spirits. First of all, test it in a removed area of your vinyl flooring. Effecting so helps you to confirm it contacts the floor fine. Secondly, set some mineral spirits on the clean cloth and start rubbing, wiping dry paint off the vinyl floor with it.

Redo this procedure a few times until the spot is gone. Ultimately, use a damp cloth to remove any remaining chemicals.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

This option may be applied for dry paint magic eraser or mineral spirits were unable to tidy up, especially if you need to remove oil based paint, as rubbing alcohol is basically a solvent. The thing you should do is to wet a soft, clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and clean paint from your vinyl floor.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

In order to eliminate difficult paint faster, you should put a rag with the liquid on the stain and wait for close to 10 minutes ahead of removing the paint. Confirm not leaving it for long as its chemical characteristics may mar your vinyl flooring.

At one time you’ve done, mop the floor with damp paper towels in order to get rid of all enduring elements, which can damage the floor. In case of pain still comes up, wash the blotch out with warm water with dish soap and dehydrate it in the end.

P.S. It also may be used against some splatters poling apart from the dominant shade of the floor.

8. WD-40

In contrast to rubbing alcohol, this one performs finer as opposed water based paint. Meanwhile, just like rubbing alcohol, WD-40 breaks the connection between paint and flooring so you are able to remove the paint easily. Furthermore, you should mind timing as leaving both of them for long would not only destroy dried paint but possibly the floor too.

In order to avoid it validates your work quickly. Spray clean cloth with some WD-40 and get paint from vinyl flooring. If the paint stain is quite minor, you may spray it and mop it away using damp paper towels. Keep in mind to cleanse it all up afterward using dish soap, water, and a clean cloth.

9. Liquid Wax

This one is first-rate for oil based paint. Despite the fact that liquid wax is widely used by motorists, there are no obstacles to using it at home, though there is no need to check the nearest car shops for it.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

You will require super fine steel wool and a few drops of liquid wax to smoothly wipe paint with spinning motions while minding arm force. Steel wool is really abrasive so assure you do not scratch vinyl flooring.

As soon as you’ve done, purify the floor up using some warm water, a damp paper towel, and finally dry it.

If paint steel remains, there is no point in spilling all you’re rubbing alcohol, or liquid wax, or scrubbing your vinyl floor with steel wool. It’s high time to bring out the big guns.

If Nothing Worked out, Follow Next Steps

Goo Gone

According to the manufacturer, Goo Gone is used to remove sticky, greasy messes, which makes it perfect for cleaning clothing, dinnerware, and tables. The question is whether it can remove paint from the vinyl floor. The answer – “yes, it can”. Nevertheless, it’s critical to select a special series of products from Goo Gone including a formula to fight latex paint.

Additionally, Goo Gone in general is much more likely to be used against water based paint rather than for oil based one.

In order to remove the paint and not harm your vinyl floors, follow the manufacturer’s instructions attentively.

Latex Paint Remover

This one is rather risky as not many of these tools are safe even for hardwood floors. Needless to say, it’s critical to find a product, which is safe on vinyl floors. It may be customized as spray or liquid but in any way corroborate you follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely.

How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor - Guide for Users "The details are not the details. They make the design"

Watch carefully the description: some formulas may be quite harmless to any surface but a certain amount may contain rather harsh chemicals.

Commercial Solvent

It’s likely that paint is strong, got rocky dry and the majority of listed options did not work. Nevertheless, it’s a guarantee that commercial solvent breaks even the most obstinate paint. You should only use it as a tool if nothing else worked out or removing paint is an elbow grease for you.

A lot of commercial solvents are noxious, so you have to put on protective eyewear, a latex gauntlet, and a facemask. Select a product that is safe for vinyl flooring and pay attention to the manufacturer’s management to get paint off vinyl safely for both floors and you.

Combine Some of It

It isn’t forbidden to mix up some Goo Gone with backing soda, is it? If you do so, you get thick scrub as an efficient tool for barely dried paint. Use a few paper towels to wipe the paint off the vinyl floor.

Oil based Paint

Indeed difficult to get rid off. For those who keep wondering how to cope with it, here are a few key options: Goo Gone, rubbing alcohol, Commercial Solvent!

A Few Handy Hacks

  • In case the paint stain is rather massive, use shredded paper or cat litter to minimize it.
  • Do not ever use ammonia on a vinyl surface.
  • Paint for artificial food is relatively easily cleaned by a mixture of detergent and water.
  • Don’t be afraid to waste some water or mild soap and fill a bucket or large container with them.
  • Cotton balls may be really efficient if we need to use some paint stripper.

Video: How to Get Paint off Vinyl Floor

In this video, you can see the easiest way how to get paint off vinyl floor.


Now you do know some solid options allowing you to get any paint off vinyl flooring. You never know when any knowledge may be useful. That is why we do hope you read this article attentively so you are able to come up with a few clever ideas when some paint is accidentally spilled over.

Start with defining the type of paint you are using, check whether it’s dry or not and think about the time span it has been spilled. Minding these factors will allow you to choose a more appropriate removing paint technique. Here is how to make a nightstand taller.

Is it everything you wanted to know about getting paint off vinyl flooring? If so, let us know in the comments below. By the way, in case you know someone who could benefit from the article, ensure to share it.