How to hang curtains without drilling when decorating a new space

Moving into a new space is a fascinating adventure. It is exciting to think about the decoration of a new apartment, and the first idea that often jumps to mind is how to hang curtains without drilling.

In the case of a rental apartment, one should keep in mind possible window damage during window treatments. The best solution might be to use temporary curtain rod brackets.

How to hang curtains without drilling: Best recommendation

Can I hang curtains without drilling holes?

Drilling walls is a heavy task. Moreover, most landlords do not allow damaging their walls. And, of course, there are ways to hang curtains without drilling.

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How can I hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling?

There are different solutions to hanging curtains without damaging the walls. The choice of alternatives to drilling depends on how long you are going to stay on the premises, and what types of curtains you want to hang.

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Can you hang curtains with command hooks?

Command hooks could be one of the answers to how to hang a curtain without drilling.

Command hooks are also used to hang art, picture frames, photos, and even small shelves. And they can serve as a temporary solution for a window treatment without wall damage.

Commonly, it is sufficient to use two command hooks. In some cases, a third command hook might be needed to distribute the weight. Command hooks stick to the wall.

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To hold curtain rod bars, the clips can be used. Command hooks are easy to remove. There is a variety of finishes available.

The weak point of a command hook is that it is applicable only to thin bars, and can be applied only on flat surfaces. A wallpaper will not do for attaching the hooks on the wall.

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Damage-free coat hooks

One can use the hooks not only for holding bags and coats.

Using coat hooks is the cheapest way to shade the window when hanging curtains without drilling. What one needs is to measure the appropriate height, and curtain length, and determine the required number of coat hooks.

It is easy to install coat hooks, but it is difficult to close and open heavy drapes and blackout curtains. Coat hooks are screwed into the window frame or the wall.

Decorative window curtains are often adjusted utilizing curtain hooks.

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Magnetic curtain rods

Magnetic curtain rods help avoid drilling. Besides, it is one of the easiest ways to hang curtains without drilling. A magnetic rod is a good option for hanging curtains over a metal door.

Significantly, that the space between the edges of the metal door and the window would accommodate the magnetic curtain rod brackets.

The drawback of a magnetic curtain rod is that, like command hooks, it is not designed for heavy and large-size curtains. Magnetic rods are more expensive than other similar solutions.

If metal doors are not closed or opened too often, then magnetic curtain rods are the most appropriate choice.

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Tension rods

The technique of a tension rod is an easy and common way to hang curtains. And it is a no-drill curtain rod technique. Tension rods are the best solution for small windows.

Using tension rods presupposes no measuring, marking, or drilling. Tension curtain rods are similar to shower curtain rods in their usage. They expand to any width required.

For maximum coverage, the rod is positioned on the very top of the window. If a tension rod is placed lower, it represents a country curtain style.

When purchasing a tension rod, the window frame size is to be measured.

A tension rod is especially good for light curtains. But if the window frame is out of the standard window size, a custom tension rod will be needed, which may be costly.

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Twist and fit curtain rods

Another option for hanging curtains without drilling is a removable curtain rod with decorative ends. This rod allows attaching a real curtain rod so, that the latter is positioned in front of the window.

No accurate measurements are required if one uses this way to hang curtains.

Curtain rings

The new residence can be already equipped with a real curtain rod. In this case, the only task for a lodger is to choose the curtain and measure the length of the curtain rod and the desired height.

Depending on the results of the measurements, the required number of rings to be purchased is determined. The rings need existing poles or rods.

Kwik-hang rod brackets

This solution requires zero measurements or adjustments. And this way of hanging heavy curtains takes little time to install and does not damage window frames.

Kwik-hang is the easiest and fastest way of hanging curtains. At the same time, this way is the most durable, and it causes no damage to the wall. The option supports different types of drapes and fabric.

The bracket design allows the installation of curtain rods without drilling and hanging heavier curtains. The brackets are just positioned on the corner of the window frame.

It takes only a few minutes to install the brackets using no screws and nails, and no drill holes are left after you remove the curtain rod brackets. The method is suitable for any room in the residence. The hardware is produced in a variety of colors.

Hanging curtains utilizing kwik-hang rod brackets is limited by the construction of the window. This solution applies only to framed windows.

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Stick on

A stick-on curtain rod lets one hang drapes without causing damage to the wall. Using this method, you can choose any height for mounting the rod. It is also possible to stick out the rod on any side of the window.

Back-tabbed curtains

One can choose another alternative for drape hanging by using back-tabbed curtains, and no clips or pins are required. The drapes are equipped with sew loops and are sometimes called hidden tab curtains.

The system looks elegant with clean lines, providing an illusion of flying in space.

Since the fabric is placed directly on a rod, it does not slide well. This type of construction is not meant for frequent openings or closings. So, the flat bars might be used rather than the round ones.

Some like it when fabric touches the floor. If so, there is an option to add length to the curtain by attaching extra rings. The system also supports the use of heavy-weight fabric.

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How can I hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling?

There are several ways to hang curtains without putting holes in the walls. Most of the rods used are temporary curtain rods.

To hang curtains without drilling magnetic curtain rods, command hooks, coat hooks, tension rods, curtain rings, and kwik-hang rod brackets can be used.

It is up to a lodger to choose the way to hang curtain rods without damaging the walls.

Some consider curtains the means for hiding from daylight only, and they are not concerned with the decorative mission of the curtains. These individuals can simply attach special no-drill shades to the top of the window.

There are lots of shades available. To block the light, one can simply pull the shade down.

If none of the mentioned options work for the resident, curtains can be hung without rods. In this case, nails and a hammer will do. Making small holes by nailing a curtain into the wall will not bring harm to the interior.

The suggested solutions on how to hang curtains without drill perforation will make the inside of the room look cozy and homelike, keeping the walls safe.

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